Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rolled Felt Flower Tutorial

I love these flowers because they are easy enough for my daughter to do.  Even if you think you are not crafty, you can do these flowers.




Glue (craft or hot glue but I prefer hot glue)

Cut out smallish circles.  It doesn't really matter.  Mine is about 4 inches in diameter

Start cutting the felt in a spiral pattern.  It does not have to be perfect. Different thicknesses give dimension to the flower.

After you cut out the spiral circle pattern, take the inside end of your felt circle (it’ll make sense once you’re there) and start rolling it up toward the center.

Once you’re finished rolling the felt, dab a little glue to the remaining end and secure it to the bottom of the rosette. 

Once you are done gluing, you can use them as is or you can add a little bling to the middle.  On mine I used a brad that I thought was super cute.  I have also used buttons and jewels.  Be creative and experiment!

Using my hot glue gun I put glue in the center of my rosette and put the tabs of the brad down the center of the flower.

The end product!!  These rosettes are very versatile and can be used on an alligator clip or a headband.  They can also add some fun on top of gifts paired with ribbon.  The possibilities are endless.....  

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