Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rolled Fabric Flower Tutorial

How To: Rolled Fabric Flowers

So I am loving all the rolled fabric flowers I've seen around.  I made these 
with some girls at my church's youth group and thought I would pass 
them along!

Start with about a 1" ripped strip of fabric (you can use any width...but I 
thought 1 inch was just about right). The length and weight of your fabric 
will dictate the end diameter of your flower.

Fold the strip in half and glue with a low heat glue gun.  Some people use fabric
 glue but I think it makes a lot more mess and can get on the front of the flower.

Leave a 1 1/2 inch opening at one end.  

Roll the glued end a few times to get a nice tight center.

Then, once you have a center you like, start twist/folding your fabric away 
from the center as you roll.

It will start to look like this. Periodically secure the layers with your glue
as you go.

Once you are done rolling you will take the 1 1/2 inch tail that was left 
unglued and fold it up over the bottom of the flower to secure all the
fabric into place.

Spread glue all over the bottom side of the flower.

Then fold tail down to cover glue. Press flat with your fingers.

Then trim off any excess fabric.

Use felt to secure them alone or in groups to make headbands, pins, necklaces, 
clips or what ever your imagination will think up.

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