Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Flower Wreath Tutorial

It is getting hot outside and I am so excited for summer.  I really needed a fun wreath for my door but they were so expensive to buy so I decided to just make one.  These  Bright and Beautiful pink  flowers did just the trick.  Tulips are up everywhere here and I was inspired by all of their wonderful colors.  It is a breathtaking sight! 

Materials for Flower Wreath:

1 wreath-  a twiggy willow
florists wire
hot glue gun
flowers ( I used 14 stems and I found my flowers at Hobby Lobby.  Be creative and use the flowers you would love!)
wire cutters
ribbon to hang wreath (optional)

Procedure to make Wreath:

Cut flower branches  into individual long stems. Save all small bunches for detail on wreath. I used two different flowers.  

Beginning in the back third of the wreath glue a stem on an angle that corresponds with the way the willow twigs are going. Liberally glue the bottom of the stem and push it deep into the wreath to secure it.  Then secure with florist wire. I used one style flower for the back layer and then used my other flowers for the top layer.

Using the same technique, glue another layer of flowers towards the front of the wreath.

Once the flowers have been glued to wreath, make sure they look even and balanced.  Fill in any gaps with small bunches.

When you are happy with the overall look, shake the wreath to find any loose stems and re-glue. Pull off any glue webs.

Tie with a satin ribbon. Hang. 


  1. That is so beautiful. Thanks for telling us how to make it.