Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to Freeze Peaches

I love to freeze peaches each year.  I use them in pies, cobblers, smoothies or just eat them plain.  Here you will find step by step instructions on how to do it yourself.   


Step 1- Selecting the fruit
The most important step in freezing peaches is choosing the right peach.  You want to make sure that it is a freestone or cling-free peach.  This just means that the pit will separate easily from the peach. Choose a ripe and mature fruit that is not bruised or mushy.

Step 2- How many peaches should I get
It takes about 5 good peaches to make one quart of fruit.  So use this as a base on how many peaches you think you will use in  year.

Step 3- Wash the peaches

Wash the peaches off in cold tap water

Step 4- Peel Peaches
Bring a large stock pot full of water to a boil.  Drop the peaches in the water for about 30-45 seconds.  Remove from the water using a slotted spoon and place in ice water for several minutes.

Now the skins will easily slop off the peach!

Step 5- Cut up the peaches
Cut out any brown or mushy areas.  Cut the peaches in half, quarters or slices. Remember to remove the pits.  Next you will want to soak your fruit in a fruit fresh bath.  If you do not do this your peaches will turn brown and look yucky.  In a large bowl filled with cold water put in 1/4 cup of fruit fresh and 1 TBS of lemon juice.  Soak for a few minutes.

Step 6 - Drain the fruit 
Next you will want to drain the prepared fruit in a colander.  Then pour them out onto a large dish towel and gently dry them off.

Step 7- Freeze
Next you will want to put the peaches in a single layer on a sheet pan and freeze in the freezer.  You can skip this step but I do not like my peaches frozen in one big block. If you do this you can remove a few peaches at a time for smoothies and etc.

Step 8- Packaging
Once they are frozen remove them from the freezer and put in containers.  You have a few options.  You can seal them in a food sealer, place in plastic containers or put them in bags.  I personally like to place them in a plastic bag and then put that inside of a Ziploc bag.  You can then lay them flat or stand them up.  Make sure to squeeze out as much air as you can.
To use peaches, thaw in the refrigerator over night.

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  1. I'd never thought of just freezing peaches to thaw and eat, I'd only thought of the frozen peaches as good for smoothies and canned the rest. But by just freezing and then thawing to eat, you skip out on the sugar-water, which makes for a healthier treat. Thanks for posting this Jen!